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Reviewing for Textual Cultures

The endeavor of Textual Cultures is designed to widen our understanding of how new developments in fields like codicology, material philology, art history, musicology and cultural studies are redefining and integrating our notions of what constitutes a text in diverse cultural contexts. Textual Cultures is committed to reviewing a wide range of works across these and other disciplines.


Textual Cultures features three distinct forms of reviews:

  • Essay Reviews (1750-2000 words)
  • Short Reviews (750-1250 words)
  • Mini Reviews (250-word reviews, published on the website only)

If you are interested in reviewing for Textual Cultures, please contact the book review editors and attach a copy of your c.v.


U.S., British and Anglophone Book Review Editor

Logan Esdale (


European Book Review and Contributing Editors

Alvaro Barbieri, Università di Padova ( and Paola Italia, Università di Bologna (

General queries about book reviews may also be addressed to Marta Werner, Editor-in-Chief ( and Michelangelo Zaccarello, European Editor and Coordinator (

A complete Submission Preparation Checklist for essays and reviews is included here.