David Greetham Essay Prize

The David Greetham Essay Prize honors the author of the best article published in the Society of Textual Scholarship’s journal, Textual Cultures, during the two calendar years since the previous award. The prize carries an honorarium of $250 and is selected by the editorial staff of the journal.

Past Winners of the Textual Cultures Prize

Past Winners of the David Greetham Essay Prize (formerly the Textual Cultures Essay Prize [2011-2017]):

The prize, for work published in Textual Cultures during calendar years 2008 and 2009, was awarded for the first time at the 2011 Conference to Michelangelo Zaccarello for his essay in the Spring 2009 issue, “Metodo stemmatico ed ecdotica volgare italiana: Brevi considerazioni su alcuni recenti contributi metodologici”. The 2011 prize committee consisted of H. Wayne Storey (chair), Edward Burns, Daniel O’Sullivan, and Alvaro Barbieri.

The 2013 Textual Cultures Prize (at that time called the “Executive Director’s Prize”) was awarded to Marta Werner for “Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan: Writing Otherwise” and “‘Reportless Places’: Facing the Modern Manuscript”.

The 2015 Textual Cultures Prize was awarded to Margaret Maurer and Dennis Flynn, for “The Text of Goodf and John Donne’s Itinerary in April 1613”.

The 2017 Textual Cultures Prize was awarded to Dominque Zino for “The Invisible Hand of the Lyric: Emily Dickinson’s Hypermediated Manuscripts and the Debate over Genre”.

The 2021 (inaugural) David Greetham Essay Prize was awarded jointly to Matt Cohen for “Time and the Bibliographer: A Meditation of the Spirit of Book Studies” and Kate Ozment for “Rationale for Feminist Bibliography”.