Textual Cultures: Texts, Contexts, Interpretation

Fall 2020

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Introduction: Colonization, Modernity, and the Editorialization of the Americas” Andrew R. Reynolds (2–9)

Revising the Narrative of the Conquest of Mexico: Bernardino de Sahagún’s 1585 Relación de la conquista de esta Nueva España” Amber Brian (10–24)

Reading the Margins: Juan Pablo Viscardo y Guzmán and Francisco de Miranda (1801)” Jorge Téllez (25–48)

Material Culture, Indigeneity, and Temporality: The Textile as Legal Subject” Gloria E. Chacón (49–69)

What’s in a Title: The Long-debated Question on the Title of Sacchetti’s Novelle” Michelangelo Zaccarello (70–81)

The BIFLOW-Toscana Bilingue Catalogue: A Digital Representation of the Socio-cultural History of Translation in the Tuscan Middle Ages (1260–1430)” Tiziana Mancinelli, Antonio Montefusco (82–110)

Dalla tipografia al banco di lettura: particolarità tipografiche e un insigne lettore nella princeps dei Motti e Facezie del Piovano Arlotto” Valerio Cellai (111–132)

The Editorial Principles of Anton Federigo Seghezzi and His Giuntina Project” Edward Bowen (133–171)

The Unfinished Text in the Thickening Description: From Genetic Criticism to Cultural Transfer Studies (The case of Zbigniew Herbert’s Winter Tale)” Mateusz Antoniuk (172–196)

The Taming of Matter: Jalmari Finne and the Typewriter” Veijo Pulkkinen (197–228)

Bibliographical Approaches to D.H. Lawrence’s “Odour of Chrysanthemums”: Archive Fever for the Text-In-Process” Marcos Norris (229–243)

Steal not this book my honest friend : Threats, Warnings, and Curses in the Edwardian Book” Lauren Alex O’Hagan (244–274)

Continental Book Reviews

Review of MORENO, Paola, ed. 2020. Come lavorava Guicciardini – Beatrice Pecchiari (275–278)

Review of ZACCARELLO, Michelangelo, ed. 2019. Teoria e forme del testo digitale – Beatrice Nava (279–281)

Review of MANCINELLI, Tiziana and Elena PIERAZZO. 2020. Che cos’è un’edizione scientifica digitale – Beatrice Nava (281–283)

Review of DEL VENTO, Christian and Pierre MUSITELLI, eds. 2019. Genesis 49 — Une tradition italienne – Francesco Feriozzi (283–288)

Review of BELLOMO, Saverio and Stefano CARRAI, eds. 2019. Purgatorio di Dante Alighieri – Serena Vandi (288-291)

Anglo-American Book Reviews

Review of HARGRAVE, Jocelyn. 2019. The Evolution of Editorial Style in Early Modern England – Suzanne Gossett (292-296)

Review of LIVINGSTONE, Justin D. and Adrian S. WISNICKI, dirs. 2019. Livingstone’s Missionary Travels Manuscript (1857). First ed. In Livingstone Online, dirs. Adrian S. WISNICKI and Megan WARD – Stefan Schöberlein (296-299)

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