Textual Cultures: Texts, Contexts, Interpretation

Spring 2021

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Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note – Marta Werner (1-2)


Keynote Addresses

Keeping Knowledge Secret in Edo-Period Japan (1600-1868)” Peter Kornicki (3–19)

Genealogies of the Study of Material Texts. The French Trajectory” Roger Chartier (20–25)

The Becoming of the Scholarly EditorReading Paul Eggert’s. The Work and the Reader in Literary Studies” Matt Cohen (26–38)

Take this Work Global” Ian Cornelius (39–49)

The Work and the Listener” Alan Galey (50–64)

A Wandering Hyphen, The Reader and the Work. Round Table on The Work and the Reader in Literary Studies” Paul Eggert (65–84)

Biscioni’s Dante” Beatrice Arduini and Jelena Todorovic (85–96)

What Books Taste Like Bacon and the Borders of the Book” Jonathan P. Lam (97–105)

Is There a Printer’s Copy of Gian Giorgio Trissino’s Sophonisba?” Diego Perotti (106–123)

‘There is no respectable woman . . . that sells books!’ The Memoirs of Nineteenth-Century Women Book Canvassers” Jolie Braun (124–139)

Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Family Writing Investigating the Boundaries of Literary Genre” Eleanor Dumbill (140–146)

Books at the Borders of Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” Karen L. Schiff (147–173)

Marianne Moore’s Ghost Revisions. Poems (1921), Observations (1924, 1925), and Selected Poems (1935)” Lauren Frey (174-188)

Of Epicene Particles and Other Misleading TricksGender Ambiguity in Silvina Ocampo’s “Carta perdida en un cajón”” María Julia Rossi (189-207)

A Trip Through the Mind JailA Textual History of raúlrsalinas’ Magnum Opus” Santiago Vidales Martínez (208-229)

Characters as Works and Versions” John K. Young (230-241)

Genius Trouble” Gabrielle Dean (242-269)

EEBO and Us” Michael Gavin (270-278)

Anglo-American Book Reviews

Review of CARREIRA DA SILVA, Filipe, and Mónica BRITO VIEIRA. 2019. The Politics of the Book: A Study of the Materiality of Ideas. – Oz Frankel (279-283)

Review of DICUIRCI, Lindsay. 2018. Colonial Revivals: The Nineteenth-Century Lives of Early American Books. – Edward Larkin (283–287)

Review of GODDU, Teresa A. 2020. Selling Antislavery: Abolition and Mass Media in Antebellum America. – Samantha Pinto (287–291)

Review of SCHAEFER, Heike, and Alexander STARRE, eds. 2019. The Printed Book in Contemporary American Culture: Medium, Object, Metaphor. – Glyn White (291–295)

Review of VECHINSKI, Matthew James. 2020. Twentieth-Century American Fiction in Circulation: Short Stories Written for Magazines and Republished in Linked Story Collections. – John K. Young (295-298)

Continental Book Reviews

Review of DOSS-QUINBY, Eglal, Gaël SAINT-CIRQ, and Samuel N. ROSENBERG, eds. 2020. Robert de Reims: Songs and Motets. – Daniel E. O’Sullivan (299-302)

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Notes on Contributors (300-305)

The Society for Textual Scholarship (306-307)

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